SquareSoft MIDI Collection

Welcome to my MIDI collection!
Currently, I have only a few MIDI files for each game, but that's bound
to change! Feel free to download any of my current MIDIs, and be aware
that I'm going to upload a lot more later. Some are already on my web
page's server, but I haven't linked them yet. Well, enjoy the music!

MIDI Files
MIDI File Name
The Black Omen
Chrono Trigger Black Omen Theme
Final Fantasy IV Crystal Theme
Revenge of Exdeath theme from Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI World of Balance World Map
Final Fantasy VII: Memories of Aerith
Xenogears: Emotions (world map theme)
Adesso a Fortuna
Record of the Lodoss War: Adesso a Fortuna
Lufia II Overworld
Lufia II: Overworld Theme
Lufia I: Lufia's Theme
Seiken Densetsu: On a Mission for the Tree of Mana
Mana Fortress
Seiken Densetsu II: The Fortress of Mana
Can You Fly?
Seiken Densetsu III: Can You Fly? (Flammie's Theme)

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